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Re: [Ebxmlrr-tech] ebxml implementation

ShodZ wrote:

>i`m a under graduate student trying to study and implemnt ebxml in a 
>small way. i have major problems in understanding how the CPA will be 
>used at run time to configure the business service interface. 
To get a more authoritative answer, this would be best asked on the 
ebxml-dev mailing list (I am copying it there).
You can join from http://www.ebxml.org and participate in this thread 

What follows is my own understanding...

Think of CPA as a souped-up configuration file, the format of which is 
standardized. ebXML Messaging services use this configuration to manage 
the ebXML Messaging communication with partners' ebXML Messaging service.

The business service interface (BSI) is more a concept and is not 
defined by an ebXML Specification. Conceptually it is a traffic cop 
layer that sits above the ebXML Messaging layer and makes sure that 
message exchanges are according the Business Process referenced within 
the CPA.

>understand that u are working only on  the registry/repository 
>specifications but neverthless i thought someone here might be of great 
Indeed we at ebxmlrr are focused entirely on ebXML Registry. We have a 
feature complete imploementation of version
2.1 specs . We are currently working fst and furious on version 3.0 

>i am also aware that there is a proof of concept team who is 
>regularly demonstrating the applicability of the ebxml concepts, but 
>i`m unable to find some code or documentation as to how it was really 
The proof-of-concept (POC) team disbanded in Feb 2001 ebXML Vancouver 
meeting and was replaced by the ebXML IIC team:


This change reflects the maturity of ebXML where we have evoilved from 
POC type implementations to actual product and open source 
implementations which are conforming to common interop tests to make 
sure that they conform to the ebXML standards.

Please contact Jacques Durand <JDurand@fs.fujitsu.com> who chairs of 
that TC if needed.

Best of luck in your research projects around ebXML. If you decide your 
work is in the registry area please contact me and I can make some 
suggestions for reserach topics.


>please help
>shodhan sheth
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