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Subject: Re: [Ebxmlrr-tech] centralised registry concept

(Cross posting to ebxml-dev as this may be of interest to the general 
ebXML community)

ShodZ wrote:

>as per my interpretation of the ebXML registry concepts developed by 
>the ebxml technical team ebxml does not specify anything about the 
>repository nor does it enforce a centralised registry  concept.
>the former is easy to digest but the latter gave me goose bumps. if 
>there is no central authority making sure that all business 
>entities,willing and capable to perfrom business over the internet 
>based on the ebXML specification, then dosen`t ebXML fall short of its 
>goals?? just zip 5 years into the future and assume that the current 
>versions of the ebXML specifications stand. then if own a new company 
>and wanna find a business partner then i would have to register with 
>multiple registries. i am ofcourse assuming that multiple registries 
>will crop up by that time which i think is inevitable. and most of all 
>the big enterprises will have all there say in such registries.
>please correct me if i`m wrong
>thank you
ebXML Registry does not expose an explicit and distinct interface for 
the repository.
All access to the repository is through the registry interfaces 
(QueryManager and LifeCycleManager).
This does not seem to be an issue so far.

Call it my personal bias but I do not think that *MOST* centralized 
things are not a good idea.

That said, ebXML Registry architecture is flexible. One can operate a 
giant, monolithic, centralized
ebXML Registry using the current specs. Or one can operate many smaller 
ebXML Registries that can federate
together in a loosely coupled manner. The effect to the end user is the 
same. A federation of registries look like
one giant monolithic registry as far as discovery is concerned. However, 
a federation scales better and has better distributed
owebrship and management.

Take your example. Lets say the automobile industry operates several 
ebXML Registries that form an
automobile industry federation. Now an tire manufactures can register 
themselves in *ANY ONE* (and only one) of those registries
(say "tire manufactures" registry) and they will be discoverable from 
*ANY ONE* of the registries in the federation.

Does that clarify the architecture.


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