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question: are there things you cant do with ebxml?

i hope i'm writing to the correct address ;-)

at the moment i'm studying economics and computer science.
in February i have to tell other students something about ebxml and
partner agreements. i got a link from my professor to a pdf-file
the structure of cpp and cpa. but i also have to tell something about the
possibilities of trading partner agreements and to answer the question
there are borders and limitations of ebxml, so to say: what you cant do
ebxml and tpas.
unfortunately i did not find lots of information in the internet
about the limitations of ebxml...

i would be very glad if someone could tell me something about:

1. what are the limitations of ebxml?
2. what are the advantages? why should i use ebxml and cpas instead of
3. do trading partner agreements only consist of cpp/cpa and process
specification documents or are there other documents?
4. does ebxml influence the earnings and revenues of companys like
one? could it improve the figures of thoses companys?

thank you very much. you would help me a lot.


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