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ISTH XML Core Payments XML Kernel Transaction Standard

Look at this initiative

There is also the IFX meeting this week in Dallas, jan 12-15
their latest version 1.5.... a 683 Kb, 16000 line XML schema... 
With a 10-meg data dictionary.  That's 10 megs of text. no graphics.

is 70 miles up highway 35 from Crawford Texas...
6 of the top 10 contributors to Bush/Cheney are now banking
and finance. http://www.pbs.org/now/politics/buyingpres.html
And you thought it was oil, weapons makers etc.

Todd Boyle - Kirkland WA - 425-827-3107


> Interactive Financial eXchange (IFX) .... a robust XML framework
> for the electronic business-to-business exchange of data among
> financial service institutions around the world...
> The IFX Forum has just published for public review the latest
> version of the IFX specification, Version 1.5, which extends the
> ATM, POS, Business and Consumer Banking support provided by
> earlier versions. This new version builds on IFXs multi-channel
> capabilities, such as enabling customers to deposit, withdraw and
> transfer funds, and allows financial institutions to exchange
> essential information with their customers, their service
> providers and other financial institutions; read the News Release.
> IFX Version 1.5 - Public Review Download
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> ... Document for the IFX Business Message Specification v1.5 Public Review
> ... Business Message Specification Document 1.5 Public Review (zip format 3.3 MB)
> ... IFX Business Message Specification 1.5 Public Review Data Dictionary (Zip format 144 KB)
> ... View the DTD or download the IFX 1.5 Public Review DTD(Zip format 67 KB)
> ... View the Schema or download the IFX 1.5 Public Review XSD (Zip format 67 KB)
> ... All of the above files contained in one zip file - download (3.3 MB)
> ... Your comments are welcome. Please post all comments to the online form.

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