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Fwd: XML.org Daily Newslink. Tuesday, 27 January 2004

Excerpt from Robin Cover's XML.org Daily News for Tuesday, 27 January

>* * *
>XML Data Formats Take Center Stage in the Financial Services Industry
>Uche Ogbuji, XMLHack.com
>The Third Annual XML for Financial Services conference, held in New York 
>City, USA, casts doubt on the conventional wisdom about Web services and 
>the role of tightly-coupled middleware * * * This conference is dominated

>by technical managers from the Financial Services industry rather than
>usual idealistic and diverse cadre of XML professionals. * * * Under this

>light mainstream Web Services are a curiosity based on intriguing 
>propositions, but not yet proving their mettle for enterprise deployment,

>and running out of time to prove such mettle. The package of ebXML 
>technologies looks to be on a more solid path to enterprise deployment in

>this industry, but is still not convincing managers to come out of 
>wait-and-see mode. * * *

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