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Re: two questions concerning cpp/cpa

Markus Unkels wrote:

>ive got two questions concerning ebxml...maybe someone can help me.
>1st: what exactly is the difference between TPP and CPP / TPA and CPA?
>somewhere i read that tpp is more abstract than cpp...is this correct?
>someone describe this a bit more detailed?
The way I have looked at this in the past when designing a system to use 
CPA instances was that a TPA is a more abstract concept, whereas a CPA 
is a real-world implementation of the TPA concept.  In the system we 
developed, all code accesses a TPA API.  If you are a java-head, this 
can be explained in one line:

TradingPartnerAgreement tpa = TradingPartnerAgreementFactory.create(cpa);

>2nd: how exactly are CPAs created? i know that you need two or more cpps
>i have a figure where it is explained. but i guess the figure is quite
>theoetic...how is it managed in the daily doing? how much is automated
>how much has to be done by a human being?
The pattern we always wanted to see would be automatic negotiation of 
CPAs based on CPPs.  A tool would take our CPPs + minimum security and 
reliability requirements and just automate the process of creating the 
CPA.  This will be a reality soon, as work is ongoing within the CPPA TC 
to specify how CPA negotiation must work...but for now CPAs are build by 
hand using an XML editor.


Matthew MacKenzie
Senior Architect
Adobe Systems

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