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Subject: [ANNCT] ebXML Forum: Off-Shoring and ebXML, Saving American IT Jobs

TO: ebXML-Dev list

In the new issue of ebXML Forum, we venture into a public policy question, the off-shoring of American IT jobs. For two decades the USA has watched American companies send many manufacturing jobs overseas and that practice has begun hitting knowledge workers, especially in the IT industry. One solution is to establish a national electronic business infrastructure, with ebXML at its core. Read about it and more in the new ebXML Forum, http://www.ebxmlforum.org/ .

Alan Kotok
Editor, ebXML Forum, http://www.ebxmlforum.org/
+1 540-729-1421

p.s. We send similar announcements to multiple e-mail lists. If you get more than one of these messages, please accept our apologies

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