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Re: ebXML 1.0 vs. 2.0


ebXML MS 1.0 is essentially a dead standard, stillborn really. There were a couple implementations of the 1.0 standard, but the ebMS team moved very quickly to release ebXML MS 2.0 which is not in any way compatible with ebXML MS 1.0. 2.0 is nearly a complete rewrite.

You won't find a lot of 1.0 -> 2.0 discussion or migration documentation for the reason above.


Matthew MacKenzie
Editor, OASIS ebXML Messaging TC

On Feb 17, 2004, at 11:07 AM, Shan Harter wrote:

The NAESB standards conveniently list the changes between versions. I have
been reviewing ebXML MS 1.0 versus ebXML MS 2.0. The structure of the
documents have changed. Is there a list of revisions somewhere that will
make this task go faster?

Thanks in advance.


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