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RE: Did ebXML Help Accelerate the Web Services Evolution?

in my opinion ebXML certainly did help in the web services
evolution...unlike open source which originated out of a real need web
services originated because of vendor wars and ebXML and OMG really helped
in WS evolution 
some points to ponder about 

1. For B2B/SRM type implementations ebXML is still the most matured stack 

2. For solutions that need business process orchestration ebXML is the
best way to develop. If web services could do this why would Microsoft
need to spend time n effort in developing Biztalk as a product if web
services alone could do it. SUN too has a Biztalk competing product which
does the same by the name of Forte Fusion  

3. many enterprises now need event based architectures and WS stack has
little or no support for it. ( Duanne from Adobe can highlight more on

4. Microsoft supports Rosettanet a hi tech supply chain standard which is
based on ebXML messaging standard but because of its fight with SUN it has
no support for ebXML

5. ebXML is conceptually better thought of in the sense that it takes
XML+EDI approach ..after all inspite of EDI's limitations it still exists!

ebXML with web services interop and transportation is definately the way
going forward and I am attaching a presentation by GM CIO on how both
these technology stacks can co exist

if a couple of vendors get together and build a spec its not called a
standard but an approach !!!

also see attached paper on SOA written by my WS specialist Samisa
Abheysinghe for more ideas on WS-SOA 

 Bhavish Sood
 Research and Development
 Virtusa Corp
 Direct:  94+11+4702128 
 Mobile:  94+722+195035
 Fax :     94+74+702199
 Email: bsood@virtusa.com
 Web:  www.virtusa.com
Murphy's Law of Research 
Enough research will tend to support whatever theory 

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From: Chiusano Joseph [mailto:chiusano_joseph@bah.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 24, 2004 11:31 PM
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org; regrep@lists.oasis-open.org; ebSOA
Subject: Did ebXML Help Accelerate the Web Services Evolution?

I'm in a bit of a "controversial" (tongue-in-cheek) mood today, so I
thought I'd through this out and see what comes back. My thoughts are
spurred by a book on that I am currently reading. Please note as you
read this that I am in a position in which I am vendor neutral.

3 years ago, when the first phase of ebXML was getting ready to wind
down, I was a mere observer on various listservs, so I don't have the
perspective of someone who was in the throws of things. However, I've
been thinking: Did ebXML Help Accelerate the Web Services Evolution?

More specifically: I understand that there was a "schism" of sorts at
one point (exactly when I am not sure) in which several major vendors
pulled out of ebXML. These vendors happen to be those that are
considered to be the driving forces behind Web Services (by this I mean
the "SOAP/WSDL/UDDI"). Web Services. 

I wonder - if this "schism" did not take place (assuming that it indeed
did), would Web Services have taken off as quickly as they did? Did this
"schism" give more motivation to these vendors to evolve the "base" Web
Services standards as quickly as they were evolved? What if these
vendors had not pulled out of ebXML? What would the landscape look like

Thoughts? Comments?

Kind Regards,
Joe Chiusano

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