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RE: Regarding SME's and support

Title: RE: Regarding SME's and support
hi peter,
i like microsoft, i was weaned on it.  as a matter of fact, when i was last at university, which were the first in the public domain (post DARPANET) to have access to email, we all typed in lowercase, and higlighted with upper.  now with all those fancy "editors", everyone uses "proper form".  but thats my story.  to tell you the truth i would be lost without microsoft (though J2EE keeps calling me).  but is it not ironic, microsoft is going web services (SOA, WS-?) and i choose it to build ebXML.
but hey, funnier things have happened, i sit there and watch people run for BizTalk server on the mere mention of a "web service" and think, why not build on windows 2003 server (my platform) your own "web service" service?
dean hemopo
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From: Mayne, Peter [mailto:PeterMayne@ap.spherion.com]
Sent: Monday, 24 May 2004 6:10 p.m.
To: 'J. Dean E. P. Hemopo'; ebXML Dev Forum
Subject: RE: Regarding SME's and support

> From: J. Dean E. P. Hemopo
> also, i got most of the tools to build this thing at rock
> bottom prices, did
> not cost me more than US $2000.00.  the security engine is
> based on the
> utlisation of a library available for free download called "cryptlib".
> awesome tool.  Visual Studio 2003.NET cost US $100.00, and
> the specs are
> free.

On the other hand, you could look at Hermes (which uses the Apache XMLDSIG library) and ebxmlrr at http://www.freebxml.org/, use Eclipse (for example) for development, and do it for no (software) price at all.

Peter Mayne
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