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Re: Regarding SME's and support

Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>"Monica J. Martin" wrote:
>>J. Dean E. P. Hemopo wrote:
>>>hi peter,
>>>i like microsoft, i was weaned on it.  as a matter of fact, when i was
>>>last at university, which were the first in the public domain (post
>>>DARPANET) to have access to email, we all typed in lowercase, and
>>>higlighted with upper.  now with all those fancy "editors", everyone
>>>uses "proper form".  but thats my story.  to tell you the truth i
>>>would be lost without microsoft (though J2EE keeps calling me).  but
>>>is it not ironic, microsoft is going web services (SOA, WS-?) and i
>>>choose it to build ebXML.
>>>but hey, funnier things have happened, i sit there and watch people
>>>run for BizTalk server on the mere mention of a "web service" and
>>>think, why not build on windows 2003 server (my platform) your own
>>>"web service" service?
>>mm1: Don't be surprised though. There were adapters (on the MS web site)
>>that supported ebMS and don't be surprised if there are not solutions
>>that run on Biztalk that support ebXML.
>Monica, is this conjecture or fact? If fact, do you have any information
>on timeframes?
>Kind Regards,
>Joe Chiusano
>Booz | Allen | Hamilton
>Strategy and Technology Consultants to the World
mm2: This is not conjecture. The first point is a reality (ebMS was 
supported by iWay adapters on MS site). On the second point, it is also 
fact but a developing one. Stay tuned. I do not have a timeframe but 
would be happy to provide the details as they evolve. Thanks.

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