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Subject: ebXMLsoft Registry 2.3

ebXMLsoft Registry 2.3, the latest release of ebXMLsoft's flagship product,  is now available. ebXMLsoft Registry Developer Pack (ebRDP),  ebXMLsoft Repository Manager and SOAP attachments are some of this release additions and enhancements. ebRDP is the first complete EJB-based set of APIs that fully implements OASIS/ebXML Registry Specifications. This release is ebXMLsoft's commitment to deliver ebXML and Federated Enterprise Reference Architecure (EFERA).
For a press release regarding ebXMLsoft Registry 2.3 announcement, please visit http://www.ebxmlsoft.com/news/pr/press-release-24jun2004.html
If you want to get more details what EFERA is all about please visit the "ebXML Reports and White Papers" section on the home page of our Web site at http://www.ebxmlsoft.com
Goran Zugic
Chief Architect
ebXMLsoft Inc.

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