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Subject: XML schema of EDIFACT INVOIC (e-Invoice) messages

Electronic invoices must be acceptable either they are based on EDI systems
or XML solutions. The structure of the messages can be the same (the used
technology is indifferent), EDIFACT tags can be defined in XML either,
EDIFACT message structures can be mapped to XML schemas. Our university
wants to issue electronic invoices that can be managed by the inner
information system (for student administration), but I haven't found
anything about the XML schema-based structure of an electronic invoice. In
the ebXML Message Service Specification I've found something about Payload
Containers but I don't know where to find detailed definitions of XML
schemas (e.g. specification of <Invoicedata>)... Perhaps in ISO/TS 15000
series of standards?

Content-ID: <domainname.example.com>
Content-Type: application/xml


If there is still no internationally accepted XML schema for e-Invoice
messages (either based on EDIFACT or based on other standard) what should we
use? The CEN/ISSS says (CWA 14711), that ebXML is working on defining
interoperable e-Invoice message structures and ISO TS 20625 is just an
interim solution for mapping EDIFACT messages to XML schemas.

The big question:

If there is no other solution, is it good that I'll transform EDIFACT INVOIC
D04A (final standard issued by UNECE UN/EDIFACT: 2004-05-18) e-Invoice
message structure to XML schema based on the mapping rules of ISO/TS 20625?

Best regards,
Aron Szabo, M. Sc.
Research Associate,
Center of Information Technology
Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Postal code: 1117
Budapest, Hungary
Address: Magyar tudosok krt. 2.
Mobile phone: +36 70 5054060
E-mail: aron@ik.bme.hu

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