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Subject: Re: XML schema of EDIFACT INVOIC (e-Invoice) messages


| If there is still no internationally accepted XML schema for
| e-Invoice messages (either based on EDIFACT or based on other
| standard) what should we use? The CEN/ISSS says (CWA 14711), that
| ebXML is working on defining interoperable e-Invoice message
| structures and ISO TS 20625 is just an interim solution for
| mapping EDIFACT messages to XML schemas.

UBL provides XML versions of eight basic procurement documents,
including Invoice.  The OASIS UBL Committee Draft approved 1 May
2004 can be found at


A zip file containing the complete release, including a wealth of
supplementary materials, is available for download from 


There is a publicly subscribable mail list, ubl-dev, for questions
about UBL.  The mail archive is at


and you can subscribe using the OASIS mail manager at


The UBL schemas are not direct representations of the
corresponding EDIFACT documents, but they are intended to perform
the same functions and are the first document standards based on
the ebXML Core Components Technical Specification.

UBL is being developed in a transparent process open to both
individuals and organizations.  For further details on the UBL
effort, see the OASIS UBL web page at


Jon Bosak
Chair, OASIS UBL Technical Committee

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