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Subject: Re: XML schema of EDIFACT INVOIC (e-Invoice) messages

 Hello Áron,
nice to hear an other Hungarian voice in this list.

I'm working for Matav, the Hungarian Telecom Co. Ltd, and I'm member of ETIS
EBG (e- and telecom information sercives - an organisation to cooperate in
industry-specific development, and EBG means: electronic billing group).
We have solutions for e-billing in EDIFACT and XML.
For a while till now we didn't turn our real XML solution to ebXML compliant
because we coldn't find real contact to the developers of Core components
and Business Process Spec. Schema, but it is introduced.
It based on our telco-billing data model so you are right the end format
should fit to the application, the business model  should fit to the
business need. Both of specificsations are derived from the data model
itself, using the technology-specific options to have the best result.

You can read more about our results on the following URL:

If you think it is interested for you yust contact me.

best regards,
senior consultant
Matav Business Solutions
- member of ETIS-EBG -

Szabó Áron wrote:

> Thanks for the quick answers! They were very useful!
> Aron
> >    http://docs.oasis-open.org/ubl/cd-UBL-1.0.zip
> >
> > Jon Bosak
> > Chair, OASIS UBL Technical Committee
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