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RE: my opnion

Dear All,

Thank you for the interesting feedback so far. One more question in the
round: is anyone on this list familiar with UNeDocs (www.unedocs.org)?
Without knowing details about UBL, I've been told these are complementary
projects. Can you give me feedback on eventual real world UBL/UNeDocs

The background of asking those questions is that I manage the topic of
Electronic commerce and business in the trade and transport facilitatoin
portal of the Global Facilitation Partnership for Transportation and Trade
(www.gfptt.org/topics/eCommerce) and try to depict electronic documents
and business procedures from the facilitation angle - simplification,
streamlining and harmonization of commercial documents and border crossing
procedures. You are welcome to comment on this or other IT related topics
on the GFP website if you feel something is missing.

Best regards,

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