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RE: hey whilst we are all asking for things


Thanks for the interesting links. One never stops learning ;-)

While on the topic of implementation/adoption: you and many others on the
list will be familiar with the fact that part of every technology
adoption, be it in a private or public organization, is getting
non-technical management's approval. To do so, one must report.

Can you give me some best practices on how to report the alphabet soup -
the difference/interrelations between UDEF, CCTS, ebXML, WSDL, UDDI, and,
and, and... The IT world of today is full of thriving acronyms that are
difficult to follow and virtually impossible to communicate in a nutshell.

Is there a globally recognized, neutral, more or less comprehensive list
of acronyms with a schema what technology fits where and what is it good
for - a kind of who's who in the acronym mess? If not, I think creating
one would greatly facilitate interoperability efforts since IT people will
make their needs clear to decisionmakers. I would be happy to work on
setting such page up and maintaining it - maybe even as part of the GFP
topic on Ecommerce and business [1].

Actually, in case such who's who doesn't exist, please regard this mail as
a call to start an open process on the topic. If enough volunteers write
me on or off list, I'll set up some kind of discussion forum. Please
indicate your background, and views on the presentation of the theme.
Also, what would be the critical mass of participants for the success of
such undertaking, in your opinion?

Thanks in advance,

[1] http://www.gfptt.org/topics/eCommerce

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