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ubl + ebxml = increased interoperability?

In Mike Rawlin's article 'ebXML and Interoperability'(
http://www.rawlinsecconsulting.com/ebXML/ebXML3.html) he grades ebXML on
various aspects of interoperability.
One of the aspects was "Common Expression" defined as "Common set of XML
element names, attributes and common usage of those attributes, common
approach to document structure" - ebXML didn't address this at all. One of
the main reasons is that, as noted in my opening article, ebXML's strategy
was to enable several existing XML approaches to interoperate rather
choosing only one. It also tried to address a very broad scope, with
applicability to technologies other than XML." which he gave a grade of F.

If we were to suppose ebxml as the framework and UBL as providing the
set of xml element names etc. could we then change that grade to something
closer approaching an A? 
This is based on my understanding of UBL, although not requiring ebXML, as
being designed to be ebXML compatible. If this is a misapprehension on my
part please point it out. Thanks. 

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