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Subject: RE: ebxml challenges...

Hi Stephen,

Not sure US Government is continuing with ANSI-X12.
You probably received the mail from Mark Crawford saying :

[... Actually, using 11179 and CCTS will standardize the construct of the
data element names as well as the metadata.  The key is using those two ISO
standards (yes ccts is ISO 15000-5 (Draft)) in conjunction with a recognized
international standards body who maintains the vocabulary.  UN/CEFACT TBG is
beginning to build that vocabulary, and many standards bodies - including
UBL - have committed to submitting their 11179/CCTS vocabularies to help
that effort.  I should also mention that many agencies in the US Government,
as well as other governments have already committed to using this new
approach. ]
The last sentence shows clearely the US Gov commitement to go with
ebXML/CCTS, being ISO 15000-5 TS very soon.

Kind regards,
Jean-Luc Champion
UN/CEFACT Forum TBG1 Chair

-----Message d'origine-----
De : Stephen GOULD [mailto:sggould@oic.org] 
Envoyé : vendredi 16 juillet 2004 11:59
À : ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Cc : OIC Management Committee
Objet : Re: ebxml challenges...

David - you are right.  Only Telecos, Banks and ISPs make money out of
e-Commerce. IT professionals cannot earn a living out of e-commerce  until
we change the rules whereby people are paid for contributing and

This need for this change has been made in a submission to the Australian
Government re the Aus-USA-Free Trade Agreement

The full details of the submissions by the OIC XML & E-commerce Special
Interest Group [XZIG] to the Senate Inquiry on the FTA can be reviewed on

XZIG is concerned that as the US Government uses ANSI-X12 and Australia has
a treaty obligation to use ISO Standards (EDIFACT) there is:

1	going to be an enormous invisible ISP translation cost for SMEs

2	time and date conflicts with the many varieties of ISO 8601

3	concerns ebXML has not provided a solution for a simple 
	company name and address format that can be used by all 

This is why in 2002 XZIG members developed an XML Standard Government Tender
template because there are 8 different tender formats with Australian State
Government http://www.smeems.net/cpr/be/3she/a2eaesp4.htm

This was submitted to ebXML Australia in 2002 but as far as we know it was
not forwarded to the appropriate group for consideration 

Government tenders are the first step of the Government e-business process
hence the need for a standard that all Government tenders use


I would appreciate any feed-back on:

1	is an e-credits system acceptable as part of e-commerce contracts

2	how many US Government States use ANSI-X12

3	any people prepared to work on implementing a standard ebXML 
	e-tender system as part of the Aus-USA-FTA

	If you would like to work on projects or any other Australian
	projects you are required to be a member of the Open Interchange 


Stephen GOULD
Chair - Management Committee

E:	sggould@oic.org
M:	0416-009-468
T:	{61}(2) 9953-7412
W:	http://www.oic.org/3a4a.htm

On 15 Jul 04, at 9:53, davidlyon wrote:

> Thanks for replying to my earlier questions. It's making much more sense
> My humble opinion is that there needs to be some better ways of making 
> money with ebxml than there is today.
> For example, with open source linux, I can build a file server based 
> on linux and then supply it to my customers and get paid. Do some 
> modifications and get paid for those. I make money the whole way along
with linux.
> With ebxml there is no way to do the same thing; for a developer or 
> for a consultant; whatever. That's the problem.
> Yes there are some free poducts, like the sun registry and others, but 
> they are not really in a "saleable" form that I can give customers.
> There is also no central ebxml registry yet, for registering 
> companies. Even if it was $10, it would give something to sell which 
> would then help the world go round.
> Such a registry if it did exist, would need a code of conduct, so if 
> one company sold an ebxml, all the other companies wouldn't just come 
> along and take the customer. These are real issues for anybody trying to
sell ebxml software.
> Interoperability can be a two edge sword.
> There is also a severe lack of programming components.
> Why does one have to have a whole ebxml stack? why are there no ebxml 
> activeX components that can be thrown onto a VB or Delphi App?
> I understand that ebxml might have started as a grand plan for 
> everything, but it only needs to suffice as an electronic commerce 
> framework where IT professionals accross the world can make some money.
> David
> Quoting "Monica J. Martin" <Monica.Martin@Sun.COM>:
> > Jean-Jacques Dubray wrote:
> > 
> > >Did you mean GSA or GXA? How do we know that any given stack is 
> > >"complete", what is the criteria to leave something out?
> > >
> > >JJ-
> > >  
> > >
> > mm1: Joe, what is the GXA umbrella anyway?
> > 
> > 
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