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Subject: Re: [ebxml-dev] ebXML core components derivation by restriction

Dieter E. Jenz wrote:

> We have developed a CCTS ontology, which forms a component of our 
> Business Process Management Ontology. The CCTS ontology is currently 
> under review.
> OWL is not that hard to comprehend. Everyone who has a solid 
> understanding of UML will be able to make the transition within a 
> relatively short period of time, I would say.
> Considering the ebXML RR roadmap, it will eventually be possible to 
> represent the ontology in the ebXML repository. If my understanding is 
> correct, there will be no loss of information. Clearly, I see 
> convergence from that viewpoint. A financial investment would not be 
> lost.

+1 on all of Dieter's points above.

The OWL support in ebXML Registry is being conducted within the Semantic 
Content Management SC of ebXML Registry TC.
There are existing deployments of ebXML Registry that use the registry 
to manage OWL Ontologies within some restrictions.

See the following references within the Satine project:



> Dieter Jenz
> Schuldt, Ron L wrote:
>> Fred,
>> <Fred>Extension capabilities are provided. Any project can, through 
>> the appropriate channels (contact your UN/CEFACT Head of Delegation) 
>> forward proposals for new BIE's and CC's to the non-profit UN/CEFACT 
>> working group TBG17 (harmonisation).</Fred>
>> How much lag time is possible between the time an extension is 
>> requested and it gets approved by TBG17? Does the TGB17 Working Group 
>> meet periodically to review proposed extensions or is it an ongoing 
>> process? If they meet periodically, what is the frequency? Are the 
>> procedures and decision criteria published somewhere? Where is the 
>> current library of CCs and BIEs published?
>> <Fred>Wrt OWL/RDF, in my experience there are little non-academic 
>> souls on this earth that really comprehend those standards (so much 
>> the same like CCTS ;-). I am not one of them (yet). Personally, I 
>> would love to see convergence between the OWL/RDF ontology work and 
>> the CEFACT/OASIS Core Components work. As far as I understood though, 
>> OWL/RDF is mainly related to semi-structured data, while Core 
>> Components are applicable to very structured data (even an SAP system 
>> must understand it ;-).</Fred>
>> Since you say you "would love to see convergence between the OWL/RDF 
>> ontology work and the CEFACT/OASIS Core Components work" then perhaps 
>> you are open to the notion that the objects (BIEs) and properties 
>> (CCs) of CCTS can be represented in an ontology framework. If that is 
>> true, then perhaps we have a starting point for further discussion.
>> Ron Schuldt
>> Senior Staff Systems Architect
>> Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems
>> 11757 W. Ken Caryl Ave.
>> #F521 Mail Point DC5694
>> Littleton, CO 80127
>> 303-977-1414
>> ron.l.schuldt@lmco.com

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