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[ebxml-dev] UBL implementation of the core components

I have just looked at the UBL XML implementation of the core component
types. Could anyone explain to me why they do not fully respect the CCT as
defined in the CCTS. By this I mean they have not made use of the
attribute. Would it not have been so much simplier to have the content
attribute and thus be 100% complient with the CCTS and even be able to
economise on the end tag which is not such a neglible economy. Could
give the justifications for this?

I'd also be interested in knowing why the CCTS naming convention is not
respected for the documents (e.g. Order. Buyer. Identifier) and what
if any,  were used to develop a naming convention that provides shortened

Thanks for your feedback


Michel Hunsicker

<<attachment: winmail.dat>>

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