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Subject: Q: minimum requirement for ebxml?

Q: Say we have an application, and it produces UBL messages and sends them via
SMTP. Is that ebxmlish enough to be called ebxml. My reading of the specs seem
to suggest that it might be.

If not, what other things need to be added?

One thing to keep in mind is that the customers are not multi-billion dollar
multinationals, but SMEs. They don't have an IT department, don't know what
ebxml even is probably aren't that interested.

I'm interested in hearing some different opinions on this. None of the
specifications that are written really have all that much about doing ebxml
within a small or medium sized enterprise. They give the impression of being
are primarily focussed on larger organisations. 

One possible answer of course is that it is impossible for an sme to use ebxml
because their business processes don't meet the requirements of ebxml.

In the first instance, I'm just interested to know if an SMTP app with UBL can
pass as ebxml.




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