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Subject: ebXML & Trade Documentation

Hi Daune - where it is relevant to ebXML is in Trade Documentation

The information supplied is from an E-commerce project for the
Australian Association for Port and Marine Authorities [AAPMA]
and NSW Maritime Services Board in 1988.

This was at the time I was on the Australian EDI Standards 
Committee and the Australian Banking Association in conjunction
with Arthur Andersen wrote to Standards Australia proposing
ANSI-X12 as an Interim Standard 

Australia had just set up a National Community Network which 
confirmed in writing to Standards Australia that is was using ISO

However the Chairman of the EDI Standards Committee IS/11 wrote to
me to support the adoption of ANSI-X12

The various documents to support these statements can be viewed on

You will appreciate the significance once you have viewed the Workflow
and documents involved with Exports. 

This workflow is from the United  Nations Port Information Management 
System [PORTMIS] manual

There are 11 Different trading entities involved with documentation flows
for exporters

1 	Chamber of Commerce
2 	Shipper 					Possibly US hence US Standard
3 	Haulier
4 	Forwarding Agent
5 	Insurance Company 		Possibly US hence US Standard
6 	Customs
7 	Port Authority
8 	Ship 					Possibly US hence US Standard
9 	Shipping Company
10 	Stevedore
11 	Wharfinger

There were 16 documents involved with the export process that
are sent to the different organisations in the export cycle:

1	Certificate of Origin
2	Forwarding Agent Instructions
3	Bill of Lading
4	Booking Enquiry
5	Sailing Schedule
6	Provisional Booking
7	Wharfinger's Receipt
8	Manifest
9	Loading Plan
10	Calling Forward Notice
11	Cart Notice
12	Stowage Plan
13	Port Dues Bill
14	Port Dues Receipt
15	Customs Entry Documents
16	Customs Clearance Documents

If all of this electronic documentation has to be sent each time via
US Value Added Network Services [VANS] it will add considerable
cost for Australian exporters particularly if there are "hidden" costs
for conversion from Imperial to Metric and back again and from
the US E-commerce Standard and the Australian E-commerce


In Nov 2003 the Australian Treasury announced a Public Consultation
for "The Australian E-commerce Best Practice Model (the BPM)"

There were 18 Submissions in total.  5 of those Submissions were by OIC 

According to the Submission by Ben ANSON of Sydney Ports to
the Australian Treasury Public Consultation on E-commerce in Nov 2003,
Australian Ports have major problems with E-commerce

Australian Customs and Tradegate do not appear to be able to sort
out the problems after 15 years even though there were 2 Australians
at the head of the Customs Co-operation Council [CCC] in Brussels
from 1987-1992 that implementing the Customs Harmonised System 

I do not know what the situation is like with US Customs at the moment
- does anyone operate in that area ?

Now that the Aus-USA-FTA has been signed this appears to be set
to add considerable cost to Australian exporters/importers and
US exporters/importers unless the ebXML Community can sort it out 
very quickly


Does anyone from the ebXML Community have any suggestions?

Stephen GOULD
e-Projects Co-ordinator

E:	sggould@oic.org
T:	{61}(2) 9953-7412
W:	http://www.oic.org/z/XZIG

On 7 Sep 04, at 9:36, Duane Nickull wrote:

> Stephen:
> While this is interesting ( I will probably read it), how is this 
> relevant to those who subscribed to this list to develop ebXML?
> I am sure that the USA and Australian trade dispute has a better forum 
> somewhere????  Perhaps the WTO should get involved?
> As a general rule of net etiquette, subscribers to lists are encouragd 
> to make postings that are specific to the topic of the list. We do 
> appreciate your contributions to this list that are relevant to ebXML. 
>  Thank you for keeping future contributions ebXML specific.
> Duane Nickull
> -- 
> Senior Standards Strategist
> Adobe Systems, Inc.
> http://www.adobe.com

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