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2006 09 27: ebBP Editor Update Available on Source Forge

With many thanks to Dr. Asuman Dogac and her METU team for this valuable 
work, the new ebBP editor is now available on Source Forge at:


More details on the user guide and other pertinent information is posted 
on our web site at: 

Using ebBP v2.0.x, the editor integrates additional error handling and 
compositional functionality. Our public web site also shows screen shots 
from our August 2006 demonstration. It is anticipated and work is 
ongoing to link this work with other public domain tools to support 
eHealth through the Integrated Health Enterprise (IHE). I encourage 
interested parties to go out to see the tool, visit also the METU site 
and provide comments and suggestions to this worthwhile effort.

Thank you.

Other references:

    * About RIDE project:

    * ebBP v2.0.3 http://docs.oasis-open.org/ebxml-bp/2.0.3/
    * ebBP public web site:
          o New XSLT and scripts for Universal Business Processes just

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