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[Announce] Availablity of XSLT's and scripts to get from ebXMLBusiness Process definitions to ebXML CPA's.

Dear ebXML community

I would like to announce the availability of the XSLT's and scripts that
we developed for the Universal Business Process (UBP). 

For those who missed that, we modelled some basic business
collaborations with ebXML Business Process 2.0.2 and used the Universal
Business Language (UBL) Version 1.0 business documents as the business
documents [1] that get exchanged in those business collaborations.

The XSLT's and scripts transformed the ebXML Business Process
definitions to ebXML CPPA Building Blockes (those are the CPP and CPA
CollaborationRoles, SimpleParts and Packaging elements).

The script then also used a CPA template (that included the other, the
non business process related information, eg the certificates, delivery
channels, endpoint address, transport protocol etc) to merge with the
CPPA BuildingBlocks to create valid and complete CPA's.

The XSLT's and scripts are made available under the GNU General Public
License. [2]

The XSLT's have been developed to a point where they were sufficient for
the UBP's. Parts, such as business transactions not used in UBP's,
complex business transaction activities, and multi-party are missing.
Contributions welcomed ;)

The project is hosted at: http://dev.havanawave.com/repos/ebBP2ebCPPA/

Kind Regards

Sacha Schlegel

PS: Maybe somebody can help to add the "export to CPPA building blocks"
button to the GPL'ed ebXML Business Process editor.

[1] http://docs.oasis-open.org/ubl/cs-UBL-1.0-SBS-1.0/
[2] http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

public key at: http://www.schlegel.li/sacha.gpg

This is a digitally signed message part

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