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RE: [ebxml-dev] ebMS help

Yes in V3 you can put payload(s) in a simple SOAP message without any attachments and the content-type header will not be a multipart. Mime encapsulation is only used when there are attachments.


However, the MSH considers whatever is included in the SOAP body as one single payload (one reference in the PayloadInfo manifest element).


So, if you really want to put/encode several payloads in your SOAP body you can. However, because the MSH will treat the SOAP body as a black box and not look inside, your application layer must take care of extracting these embedded/encoded payloads, after delivery (a feature that could be a proprietary extension to your MSH implementation, but that no implementation is required to support per the specification – so must make sure your communicating partners also support this if you want to interoperate).


Jacques Durand / Hamid BenMalek

Fujitsu Computer Systems


From: Loureiro, Gil [mailto:gil.loureiro@edinfor.logicacmg.com]
Sent: Monday, October 16, 2006 2:22 AM
To: ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: [ebxml-dev] ebMS help


Hi all,


Maybe I’m placing very easy/stupid questions, but please be patient… I’m trying to understand how ebMS works!


From the ebMS spec 3.0 pr1, I’ve checked that a ebMS message are built on a MIME envelope, where first part includes an SOAP envelope, and next parts includes payloads.

In some point I’ve understood that payloads can also be included in the body of the SOAP message. My question is: If I insert the payloads (in base64) inside the body of the SOAP message, can I use only the SOAP envelope and ignore the MIME envelope? (it will be easier to implement the subjacent webservice; somebody have an example), if not, how can I define the WSDL to easy share with other stakeholders involved in the transactions?



Loureiro, Gil

Document Engineering Manager

Document Services


Edinfor - a LogicaCMG company

Rua Particular da EDP (à rua cidade Goa nº11), 2685 Sacavém


T: +351 21 001 8223

M: +351 93 741 8888

E: gil.loureiro@edinfor.logicacmg.com





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