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[Announce] Presenting Open Source ebXML solutions at the LinuxWorld Expo London (October 25/26th 2006)

Dear ebXML community

In case you are in London next week come to the London Linux World Expo
[1] (free entry with online booking possible [2]) to visit our booth
where we demo Free and Open Source ebXML solutions.


We (SystML and friends) will be present October 25th/26th. Please find
SystML's announcement here [3]


Roughly we gonna demonstrate the following:

o UBL business documents and the UBL Small Business Subset
o WebswellConnect2 (which includes Hermes2) ebXML messaging and ebXML
CPA implementation.
o the ebXML Business Process editor.
o the tool to generate ebXML CPA's from ebXML Business Process
o the freebxml ebXML Registry/Repository

... please if you know of any other Free or Open Source ebXML solutions
that we should demonstrate, please drop me an email.

Actually one thing I want to find out by talking to people is what we
need to do to enable the SME's to get ebXML setup. Further I will look
out for Free and Open Source business application implementers how we
can package ebXML for them so that their customers can have software
license free ebXML tools.

Kind regards

Sacha Schlegel

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