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Re: [ubl-dev] A UBL Customisation (beta) for general use

By the way, folk might note, following on from UBL's packages,
we included a set of ASN.1 schemas for our subsets.

Has anyone actually managed to implement UBL with ASN.1
and are they able to comment on their experience of this?
I'd be especially interested to know what might be involved
using ASN.1 with ebXML, such as ebMS. Is it feasible? I
suppose it would mean transforming the binary into MIME.
What would be the preferred binary format and how would
MIME handle it? What values would be in the ebXML artefacts?
Are there any products doing this?

All help appreciated.

All the best

Stephen Green

>>> <stephen.green@systml.co.uk> 01/11/06 15:07:10 >>>
I'm happy to say, on behalf of SystML, we have finished a beta
customisation of UBL versions 1.0 and 2.0 which is freely available


for use at your own risk. We hope you will provide feedback which
could go to us at


It was produced by SystML and by HavanaWave AG

Obviously, it being at the beta stage, it is subject to possible
change (though we'd bear in mind that we should consider possible
users when contemplating any change) and how you use it is up to
you provided you do so at your own risk. Maybe if this is all
sufficiently satisfactory we will find the means to preserve it,
long term, as it is (perhaps just changing the status to 'complete').
Zip packages are provided for those who prefer the possible extra
security of storing it locally (much as you would with the source
code of opensource, say).

I'm very grateful to all who've helped us with this project to get
it to this stage - to God and to colleagues : Thanks.  :-)

All the best

Stephen Green

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