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Re: [ebxml-dev] A UBL Customisation (beta) for general use

stephen.green@systml.co.uk wrote:

> I'm happy to say, on behalf of SystML, we have finished a beta
> customisation of UBL versions 1.0 and 2.0 which is freely available
> at
> www.systml.co.uk/xml/
> for use at your own risk. We hope you will provide feedback which
> could go to us at
> info@systml.co.uk
> It was produced by SystML and by HavanaWave AG
> (Sacha.Schlegel@HavanaWave.com).
> Obviously, it being at the beta stage, it is subject to possible
> change (though we'd bear in mind that we should consider possible
> users when contemplating any change) and how you use it is up to
> you provided you do so at your own risk. Maybe if this is all
> sufficiently satisfactory we will find the means to preserve it,
> long term, as it is (perhaps just changing the status to 'complete').
> Zip packages are provided for those who prefer the possible extra
> security of storing it locally (much as you would with the source
> code of opensource, say).
> I'm very grateful to all who've helped us with this project to get
> it to this stage - to God and to colleagues : Thanks.  :-)
> All the best
> Stephen Green
Very, very cool! Uses ebBP too!

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