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Re: [Ebxmlrr-tech] New feature coming for freebxml Reg/Rep (Omar): SOAP Interceptors!

Quoting Alexi Polenur <alexi@polenur.com>:

> I just want to point out that Apache has a project
> http://incubator.apache.org/synapse/
> which provides a flexible framework for building SOAP interceptors like
> that.
> For next version of ebXMLRR it might make sense to consider existing
> framework
> like that then building it from scratch.

And interesting project, this Synapse thing.

One thing that I didn't see in Synapse, on cursory review, is the ability to
dynamically change the configuration or to support multiple configurations.  The
Omar SOAP Interceptor does both of these things, and so
interceptors/intermediaries can be changed dynamically at runtime (uses Omar
notifications under the covers).

I considered the use of SOAP Intermediaries, and the code that implements the
interceptor could easily be repurposed into a classic SOAP Intermediary.

There were a few reasons I didn't do this, and that having the implementation be
part of the registry was advantageous:

1) Less latency and higher response time, since there is no network overhead in
calling interceptors.

2) Easier configuration.  Don't need a separate container or webapp for the
interceptor as you would with an intermediary.

3) The interceptor can access registry/repository objects directly, with low
overhead, which makes the code a lot cleaner and simpler and let us leverage
existing code within the registry. The implementation would generate a lot of
network traffic otherwise, as the interceptor accessed objects in the reg/rep.

4) Dynamic reconfiguration of interceptors at runtime.


Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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