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RE: [ebxml-dev] Hermes1: Howto configure Persistent Confidentiality?

Google turns up some insightful links - I searched on -
 xml encryption persistent confidentiality
It does indeed seem that the specifications cover off much on this topic.
This one especially good and instructive -
Also - I noticed Adobe have this briefing -
Not sure what your use case is but having a PDF as the payload also seems an excellent option?
In various email exchanges in 2001/2003 Chris Ferris worries about MIHM attacks and the SOAP/MIME header not being encrypted.  However - while in theory - practice and theory are the same - in practice they are not!
Chris raises too many "maybe's" as potential critical flaws - when in fact very few people if any will encounter such conditions he postulates.
In reality - Hermes users are doing point-to-point SSL with certificate exchanges - where the end-points are specified in the CPA - that's how we're using Hermes.  So for us we could implement the signed encrypted portion of the message as a simple binary attachment - which Hermes already does - and then use the decryption on the other end. 
Even if someone in a multiple partner scenario did manage to somehow divert a payload - as Chris was speculating - without the decryption keys - all they have is a binary attachment!  And again in reality - any multi-partner scenarios I've seen - are with trusted partners - not unknown untrusted third parties!
So - Albert - I would suggest implementing this in your XML message and using binary attachments.  Hermes will SOAP package those pieces for you and send them as normally - and you can add the extra XML signature handling logic in the data handlers that Hermes allows you to configure.

"The way to be is to do" - Confucius (551-472 B.C.)

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Subject: [ebxml-dev] Hermes1: Howto configure Persistent
From: "Kappe, Albert" <albert.kappe@capgemini.com>
Date: Thu, December 14, 2006 9:44 am
To: <ebxml-dev@lists.ebxml.org>


Does Hermes1 support Persistent Confidentiality for ebXML Payload Containers using XML Encryption?

If yes, I could appreciate any help on implementing XML Encryption for Hermes1.

Regards, Albert Kappe
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