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RE: [ebxml-dev] ebxml virtual appliance

I realise this was a happy accidental misunderstanding now
- Sacha once pointed me to an instant messaging channel for
ebXML and I misunderstood and thought he meant the IM channel 
used ebXML :-)  Disappointing but every cloud has a silver lining :-)

>>> Sacha Schlegel <sacha@schlegel.li> 15/03/07 14:13:03 >>>
Hi Steve

Am Donnerstag, den 15.03.2007, 14:01 +0000 schrieb Stephen Green:
> Or speaking very niaively (not fully geekified yet): How is it
> I can just use GoogleTalk in a browser pointing at their website
> (even before I knew I had it, for that matter, folk started
> talking to me using the IM) but for ebXML it needs all sorts of
> serverside stuff and lots of technical knowhow even to install,
> let alone use. Mind you I note Sacha once IM'd me using ebXML
> and I wouldn't have known it was ebXML he used if he hadn't
> told me. 

Sorry I cannot follow you here ... I do not remember having IM'd you via
some ebXML tool ... I like the idea but must have been something else.


> Can folk not just make ebXML work like fairly basic IM?
> Even using IM to make it P2P like GoogleTalk? 

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