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Webswell Inc. provides fully customizable ebXMLRegistry/Repository solution

July 17, 2007, Sacramento, CA: Webswell Inc. provides fully customizable
ebXML Registry/Repository together with client-side components provide
APIs that allow seamless integration of ebXML Registry/Repository with
legacy software systems. The client-side interfaces are based on either
Java or C/C++ and can be used to manage all Registry/Repository content
programmatically without manual intervention, observing all security and
access control rules.

The ebXML Registry/Repository is suitable for usage in wide range of
situations, for example:

      * It can serve as a web services registry allowing web services
        publishing, discovery and query.
      * It can be used as a sophisticated storage of digital documents
        with automated metadata creation for easy context-based
      * It can be used as a highly efficient implementation of various
        specific XML-based standards such as FpML, HL7, STAR etc.
        Automated validation, cataloging and classification of stored
        documents significantly increase efficiency of data management
        and information searching.
      * Thanks to federation feature, the ebXML Registries are suitable
        for situations where there are distributed storages of documents
        and centralized access to information is required.  

Webswell Inc. also provides ebXML-related services that include:

      * Building customized solutions utilizing ebXML messaging and
        ebXML Registry/Repository
      * Integration of ebXML infrastructure with legacy IT
      * EbXML and Web Services related consulting  
      * Professional technical support with up to 24/7 availability

About Webswell: Webswell Inc. is a global integration company
specialized in building ebXML and Web Services integration solutions and
providing related consultancy. Webswell's mission is to help companies
of any size to build business integration solutions and exploit benefits
that such integration provides. For more information please visit

Ladislav Urban
Webswell Inc.
1333 Howe Avenue, Suite 100
Sacramento, 95825 CA
email: ladislav.urban@webswell.com
phone: +1 (916) 290-2040
fax: +1 (916) 921-2850

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