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OASIS Open Standards Forum: Enabling Transformation Government through Web Services and SOA

Subscribes to this list may be interested in the upcoming OASIS Open Standards Forum, which includes a number of presentations on ebXML and related Web Services specifications.
Programme Theme: "Enabling Transformational Government Through Web Services and SOA"
Delegates responsible for helping define and execute integration projects in the public sector within the UK, Europe, and around the world are invited to join us this fall at the third annual Open Standards Forum. This year’s event will introduce you to some of the key SOA and Web services standards and show you how the public sector and others are using these standards to transform the way they interact with citizens, businesses and other organizations in government and healthcare.
By participating in this two-day event, you’ll gain an up-to-date understanding of the core structure, concepts and relations in the jungle of WS-* specifications and learn how to separate mature from immature specifications and standards-based approaches from proprietary vendor specifications.
Produced by the OASIS open standards consortium and Butler Group analyst firm, this event features invited presentations, interactive panel sessions, and thought provoking keynote addresses all aimed at uncovering the opportunities and challenges standards provide. In addition to UK-based presenters, the programme features a balanced mix of technology and case studies from speakers from China, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, the Netherlands, and the US.
Keynote Addresses from:
• John Wailing, Office of the Chief Information Officer, UK Home Office
• Jagdip Grewal, Chief Technical Architect, NHS Connecting for Health
• David Keene, Vice President Platform, Technology and Solutions EMEA Marketing for SAP UK
Speakers for this year’s event include public sector representatives from A-SIT Austria, Danish National IT and Telecom Agency, Direction Generale de la Modernisation de L’Etat, NHS Connecting for Health, the UK Home Office, and RSOE (Hungary).
You’ll also hear presentations from such companies as: AmberPoint, Axway, BEA, Beijing Digital China Ltd., Capgemini, Cybernetica, Fujitsu Limited, IBM, JBOSS/Red Hat, Oracle, RSOE, SAP, and more.
Rounding off each day will be a panel session focusing on topics designed to inspire delegate participation.

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