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Good day.

  I have invented programming language SQL4 for DBMS,
which __simplifies e-business__ by merging SQL and XML:
it put XML into database and get XML from database via HTTP
(tree's model of data is over rational model).
  I already have wrote to SC32 to
Mr. Dr. Timothy SCHOECHLE sc32-sec@jtc1sc32.org, timothy@schoechle.org,
Mr. Bruce BARGMEYER bebargmeyer@lbl.gov,
to Russian National Body to N.P.Pankratova info@gost.ru, npankratova@gost.ru
and to SC22 to Sally Seitz SSeitz@ansi.org.
Really Russian never took part in jtc1sc32 WG3 and others WG.
Thus i must to find other organization (ANSI or X/Open) to standardaze.
I don't find any Work Groups or mailing lists of ANSI or X/Open,
so i ask you to help.

Please prompt me how to standardize SQL4.
What procedures i must to execute ?

I will very thankfull to you for any help.

Dmitry Turin
SQL4      (4.3.0)  http://sql40.chat.ru
HTML6     (6.4.1)  http://html60.chat.ru
Unicode2  (2.1.0)  http://unicode2.chat.ru
Computer2 (2.0.3)  http://computer20.chat.ru

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