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First release of OASIS UBL 2.0 IDD begins public review


The first set of UBL 2.0 data dictionary translations is now out
for public review and can be downloaded from


Created by OASIS UBL localization subcommittees (LSCs) to aid in
global UBL deployment, this package provides translations of the
1900+ standard UBL business term definitions into Japanese,
Italian, and Spanish.  The International Data Dictionary (IDD)
provides speakers of those languages with a key to the meanings of
the standardized XML tags used in UBL 2.0 business documents.  The
translations are provided as ODF and Excel files using the same
spreadsheet format as the data models in the OASIS UBL 2.0
Standard as recently updated:


Subsequent releases of the IDD will include corrections based on
input from the international user community and translations into
other languages as they become available.  Persons wishing to
start a UBL localization subcommittee should contact the IDD
editor and chair of the UBL TC, Jon Bosak (bosak@ibiblio.org).

The UBL TC invites members of the international business community
to comment on the IDD.  Input is solicited regarding both the
normative UBL 2.0 English definitions, which will be reviewed
during revision of the UBL 2.0 standard in 2009, and the
informative translations of those definitions, which will be
revised as appropriate following this public review.  The public
review ends 6 January 2009.

Comments on the translations should be submitted in the
appropriate language using the comment form on the corresponding
localization subcommittee web page:

    UBL Japanese Localization Subcommittee

    UBL Italian Localization Subcommittee

    UBL Spanish Localization Subcommittee

Comments on the English definitions should be submitted in English
using the comment form linked from the UBL TC web page:


In addition to dictionary translations, the OASIS UBL localization
subcommittees are chartered to create translations of the UBL
specification and other materials and to promote deployment of UBL
in specific regions.  The LSCs also serve as primary sources of
input regarding regional business requirements for future versions
of UBL itself.  OASIS members interested in participating in the
work of an LSC are invited to contact its chairs using the links
provided on the UBL TC page:



UBL, the Universal Business Language, defines standard XML
business documents (purchase orders, invoices, shipping notices,
etc.) for a broad range of ordinary business processes, including
government procurement.  UBL 2.0, released as an OASIS Standard in
December 2006 and updated in May 2008, represents more than 10
years of continuous development in the creation of standard
international electronic business formats.  Like all OASIS
Standards, UBL is freely available, and it can be used by anyone
on a royalty-free basis.

The UBL developer community is supported by a public forum at
ubl.xml.org and by an open mail list, ubl-dev, which can be
subscribed to using the list manager at


Participation in the UBL Technical Committee is open to all OASIS
members.  For information on OASIS membership, see


Jon Bosak
Chair, OASIS UBL Technical Committee

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