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RE: [ebxml-dev] CPP


Farrukh has supplied some open source editors for creating CPPs or CPA
templates. There are commercial products with editors for creating these

Examples of CPPs and CPAs are found on the OASIS TC site (version 2 )


There is also a version 3 CPPA underway, but not yet complete. I can
send you samples of those if you are interested, but the specifications
are not approved.

Finally, it is possible to generate portions of a CPP from a BPSS or
ebBP process description by using an XSLT. If you are interested in that
functionality, several academic labs or projects in the EU may have
released it. I also have a draft I can let you examine (not complete,
and for ebBP v 2 and CPPA v 3) The trick is that neither Transport nor
Document Exchange nor Packaging elements (which are inherently tied to
deployed infrastructure ) are generated -- just the part dealing with
what Service and Action (the Collaboration Role) is output.

Dale Moberg

Rikky Hasibuan wrote:
> Dear All Members,
> My name is Rikky, 20, student of Del Polytechnic of Informatics. I 
> would like to ask you about CPP of ebXML. How to generate CPP? Is 
> there any software to generate CPP instead of create it manually? 
> Would you mind to send me the simply one? Thanks for your attention .

Hi Rikky,

I have no experience with it but here are some CPP Editors that show up 
on google search:


Perhaps others can offer more informed suggestions.

Good luck.


Web: http://www.wellfleetsoftware.com

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