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ebBP instead of ebCPP

Dear Moberg Dale and Farrukh,

Now on, I have got ebBP includes ebCPP I would like to install instead  
of ebCPP only. I got this tools from  

There are some errors I have got while installing this tools. Would  
you mind to help me to solve all these errors?

The Description of Errors are like this:
First of all, I track this application on ECLIPSE editor, that is  
eclipse-java-europa-win32. When I open the pure application I have  
download from freebxmlbp through this editor, there will be 3 main  
errors. They are shown up on:
- tr.edu.metu.srdc.ebbp package, which error on EBBPFrame.java.
The error is "The import tr.edu.metu.srdc.ebbp.domainConfig cannot be  
As I know, there is no class named  
on the package which is imported on the class. (on line 114)

- tr.edu.metu.srdc.ebbp.parser, which error on EBBPParser.java.
The error is "The method setSchema(Schema) is undifined for the type  
Unmarshaller" (on line 185)

- tr.edu.metu.srdc.ebbp.xsdeditor, which error on XmlStylist.java.
The error is "the import  
com.sun.org.apache.xerces.internal.impl.xs.dom cannot be resolved"

I have tried to solve all these errors by choosing the suggested error  
track made by Eclipse it self to track errors. For example, on error  
number 3, I removed the package told and replace it to  
I think the problem been solved, because it is used as library of DOMParser.

For error number 2, I just comment it all for setSchema required.  
Because I think it is not too crucial to be used now on.

For error number 1, I don't even know how to solved it. I think it  
needs any other library.

So, Moberg Dale and Farrukh, could both of you help me please.


     Rikky Hermanto Hasibuan
  Del Polytechnic of Informatics
    Sitoluama-Laguboti 22381

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