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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] Badging materials


Good points - although it is OK for non-profits to make money
you know - and we could always sidestep that by making clear
that any proceeds are being used for some worthy cause
or specific fund - an idea would be providing computers
to 3rd world countries et al.

On logos idea - I was thinking that we have the standard
kit of stuff with our great logo on it - but that sponsors could 
have their logo added to the design - sorta 
understated - very tasteful - especially  if they wanted them 
for their own employees.  This would also get you orders 
ahead of time to offset risk.

Message text written by INTERNET:carol.geyer@oasis-open.org
>Nice idea, but...

OASIS is a non-profit, and we can't put ourselves in the position of
'selling' anything. Our lawyers feel very strongly about this.

Running a gift shop on the ebXML.org site seems a bit off-focus at best,
tacky at worst. Do we even have the resources to support this? Or are
you volunteering to box up mugs and sweats and take them to UPS on the
weekend? Global shipping alone would be a nightmare, although I'm sure
you could find a service to manage the shop.

Not sure what you mean about sponsorship with company logos. If you're
suggesting, for example, that a vendor like XML Global might produce
baseball caps with the We Support ebXML logo and the XML Global logo on
them, and provide them to staff and/or prospects to wear at conferences,
I think that would be great.


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