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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] Gartner et al


Great feedback.

See my responses below,  then we need to still
think about the right plan and steps, eh?

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by "Margo, Todd"
>The reason that some of the other Gartner guys are negative on ebXML is
those particular guys come from an EAI background. "Web Services" is
attractive to these guys because Web Services is a new way to do EAI (as
well as B2B). You won't see organizations doing ebXML for EAI. But Web
Services is an easy technology for a developer to personally play around
with and use for internal EAI projects. All the IDEs are supporting Web

>>> Excellent point - but they do have B2B/EDI people too.  And in many
ways XML and ebXML should reduce the need for eAI longterm - or
as we're seeing people recasting eAI - almost eAI-2.  The stovepipe
approach and the broker-centric approach will not be around 5 years
from now.

Gartner may be wanting to define their own architecture, but I don't see it
that way. ebXML is not inconsistent with their "enterprise nervous system"
concept. It actually fits in very nicely.

>>> Ooops!  This sounds familiar - I may have been responsible for part
of this - a certain slide that we did for the XML/edi Group shows exactly
this - and I know Gartner crawled all over that stuff.  Oh the irony....!

Gartner is driven by trends and they try to create trends. If they are
negative on ebXML it not because of technology. It's because their
are not calling them asking about ebXML. Their customers, however, *are*
calling them about "Web Services".
>>> Yeah - those trends - we need to get a "survey" done that shows what
people are adopting / planning to do with ebXML - create your own trend!
Mutter, mutter - America is one big PR survey show....

I still believe the only powerpoint that would make any impact whatsoever
them would be one that summarizes the current state of adoption, entitled
something like: "ebXML Adoption -- A Worldwide Update". 
>>> OK - I have that draft I'll pass that around - and I see Monica also 
volunteered stuff here too - so we should plan to get this done this 
coming week, and send it out to the main marketing list and have 
Dee put something in the XML.org newsheet...


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