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ebxml-mktg-sc message

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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] Questions vis EDI and WS


Here's a stack of questoins from my WebCast today.

I find these REALLY useful is telling us how we need to
position here.

BTW - the transcript from my present will be available 
on-line later today - so will make a great resource - 
assuming you agree with my answers ; -)

I obviously interjected ebXML as a major piece
of the puzzle.


1.   24 sound like a lot of standard is still missing, ie, security, etc...
should I start to do web service now? n/a 
2.   23 What do you see in your crystal ball as far as the next generation
of webservices 5 years down the road? n/a 
3.   22 What is the relationship between the ebXML and the EAI ? n/a 
4.   21 Could you send me your PPT? (patterc@nationwide.com) n/a 
5.   20 David: Is this really a shift that we saw in different paradigms
from '80s to '90s and till now or merely an evolutionary transformation
from the mainframe centric through client server to CORBS/RMI/J2EE and now
webservices? Thanks. Murali Iyengar (SAIC) n/a 
6.   19 Why is all proposed WS activity beyond the firewall? I see this as
only 5-10% of current activity. (e.g, most is within firewall because of
security concerns). Why the difference? n/a 

 Can Web services handle vendor managed inventory like EDI? n/a
 Can EDI and Web services live together? Any reason they wouldn't behave?
 Where is a good place to start integrating Web services within an existing
EDI hookup? What should I be looking for? n/a
 If you're already invested in EDI, what's the business case for starting
the switch to Web Services? n/a
 Getting qualified EDI outsourcing is getting to be more of a problem. Yet
Web services developers are fairly common, as they already have related
experience. Isn't this a good time to consider moving to Web services, at
least with pilot projects? n/a
 The only short-coming I see of Web services over EDI is security. Are the
Web services security standards in place now? What's the status? n/a
 We have an initial EDI implementation now but even this was costly.
Instead of proceeding with the full blown EDI project -- I'm rethinking a
less costly solution with Web services. What is the downside to Web
services? n/a
 Will Web Services and EDI combine into some type of hybrid as Web Services
gains more steam? n/a
 Are web services a better fit than EDI for smaller organizations? n/a
 Now that Value-Added Network operators are pushing Web Services -- doesn't
that mean that EDI's days may be numbered? n/a
 Have you noticed major vendors avoiding talking about ebXML and mostly
talking up Web services? n/a
 Is this an accurate statement: Use EDI is you need mostly
computer-to-computer communications and Web services/XML for less-costly
projects than demand more flexibility? n/a
 I've read that the use of EDI is actually increasing. Would a
small-to-medium sized company benefit from EDI or is EDI only for those
deep pockets? n/a
 Don't most EDI implementations follow the old-style hub-and-spoke method?
Or is there more freedom now? n/a
 Leading EAI vendors are folding Web Services capabilities into their
products. When will Web services surpass EDI as the solution of choice? n/a
 Isn't EDI a closed system and extremely expensive? I thought Web services
would be replacing this type of costly integration? n/a
 Are Web Services the next-generation EDI?

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