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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] FWD: RE: [announce] Oct 16th - SAP @ Uniboard and XMLintegration Webc ast.

Well - now I've said this...!

Actually it came up earlier today on the JCC
liaison meeting - which went very well BTW - 
and they've asked us to attend their bi-weekly
conf' call - and clearly we can become the
de-facto outreach arm here - all thanks to
the hardwork of the team.

We can discuss more of this Thursday - and
I'll give a full report then - and Carol
has arranged for us to have a researcher
available - Eric Stetzler - to help us
produce materials and do outreach.

I've already found a laundry list for Eric
to work on - including helping putting 
promotional materials together...

Thanks, DW.

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From:	"XMLEDI Group", INTERNET:xmledi-group@disa.org
To:	"XMLEDI Group", INTERNET:xmledi-group@disa.org
Date:	10/15/2002 11:44 PM

RE:	RE: [announce] Oct 16th - SAP @ Uniboard and XML integration Webc ast.


Thanks for the question.   The ebXML Awareness team is indeed
working on materials to articulate the need to realize how to
use ebXML and WS to maximum advantage.

We should have these available within a couple of weeks.

In a nutshell though it comes down to maturity of delivery
mechanisms and ability to provide robust payloads and
business processes, balanced against realtime response.

The ebXML technology stack gives robust reliable integration,
while web services gives interactive point and shoot linkages
but have weak guaranteed availability.

So if I'm using ebXML to enhance the buying and selling of
stocks for example - I'd use the WS to find out the latest 
price of a stock issue - but ebXML to handle the actual 
transactions securing the sale and transfers.

Also - in regard to the underpinning XML itself, WS lean
on simple XSD schema and tModels and WSDL.  This is
fine for simple point-and-shoot content - like - here's the
ticker, give me the bid and ask prices please in US $.
There's less than 10 elements of data here, and they are
well defined.

But for extended transactions with complex structures and
need for business context rules - like the actual stock
purchase request - then you need much more than the
simple schema - to specify the exact interactions, meet all
the regulatory reporting needs.  That 
is where ebXML assembly, core component and registry
technologies come strongly into play.

We will announce to the group the availability of the new
WP and PPT materials that give greater depth on this.

Till then I hope this brief overview is helpful on showing that
while WS can be helpful for lightweight interactive 
exchanges - your core information systems
will use ebXML for the vital secure external interchanges
and business processes.

Thanks, DW.
Message text written by "XMLEDI Group"
Hi David,

        This is very timely.  However, I have an immediate need to clarify
the relationship between web services and ebXML.  Advertising the fact that
there is a relationship between XML, web services and SAP commitment to
will do little to convince my colleagues that ebXML is the way forward!  Do
you have any clarifying articles/statements on the relationship of web
services and ebXML.  The problem areas include resolving the relationship
between ebXML registry and UDDI.


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