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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 10/31/2002: Adoption Matrix


I had a couple of comments on this. Don't know if you or others have been
thinking along these lines. In general, I think it would be good to extract
whatever structured information we can from the Summary column, in order to
shorten the text and clarify the types of information I describe below. I
suggest adding the following columns (or something similar):

Name of project: It seems to me valuable to separate the "name" of a
project/initiative from the sponsoring organization(s). I would imagine that
every single project/initiative that has been identified has some kind of
name. I think we don't yet know the names of a few of the projects and that
would be something to determine. 

Sponsor: this would specify the names of the organization(s), if any,
sponsoring the project or initiative.

Vendor Involvement: This would specify the names of commercial software
vendors, if any, that are involved in the project.

Deliverables: This would specify one or more of the following
classifications (or something similar): Research, Standards, Infrastructure,

I am not sure if "Deliverables" is the right term. My thought is that it
would be good to have a column that delineates if the initiative/project is
supposed to be some kind of deployment, as opposed to a project that is
developing software, standards, or initial research. We could then go back
to the projects whose intent is deployment and try to measure them according
to some metrics: value of transactions flowing, number of transactions,
number of trading partners, etc.  

It seems to me, from your spreadsheet, there are 3 such projects today: CDC,
ERCOT, and STEEL-24x7. Maybe I missed some others. These are the projects
that, it seems to me, would have the most resonance with an analyst like

There are also initiatives in a pilot phase. Of course, it would good to try
to find out when those projects are expected to go to a production usage
level and what the initial metrics are expected to be at go-to-production



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