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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 11/4/2002: Adoption Matrix

Thank you for your questions and comments.  These changes will take some
time, but could be accomplished.  The first phase is to summarize some
of these details in a Word more presentable structure for dissemination.
The next phase would be to contact all the parties named to get more
details (which could lead to publication of white papers, presentations,
etc - existing or developed).  I think that we can then work on some of
the items you proposed, as I may not have enough information to
categorize.  The emphasis here is not on vendor but user and community
support, although that information could be included.

Due to work demands, I will begin to work on this later this week.
Thanks again, Todd.  Are you going to be involved given your focus has
changed to some extent?


-----Original Message-----
From: Margo, Todd [mailto:Todd_Margo@stercomm.com]
Sent: Monday, November 04, 2002 7:10 AM
To: Monica Martin; 'ebxml-mktg-sc@lists.ebxml.org'
Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] 10/31/2002: Adoption Matrix


I had a couple of comments on this. Don't know if you or others have
thinking along these lines. In general, I think it would be good to
whatever structured information we can from the Summary column, in order
shorten the text and clarify the types of information I describe below.
suggest adding the following columns (or something similar):

Name of project: It seems to me valuable to separate the "name" of a
project/initiative from the sponsoring organization(s). I would imagine
every single project/initiative that has been identified has some kind
name. I think we don't yet know the names of a few of the projects and
would be something to determine. 

Sponsor: this would specify the names of the organization(s), if any,
sponsoring the project or initiative.

Vendor Involvement: This would specify the names of commercial software
vendors, if any, that are involved in the project.

Deliverables: This would specify one or more of the following
classifications (or something similar): Research, Standards,

I am not sure if "Deliverables" is the right term. My thought is that it
would be good to have a column that delineates if the initiative/project
supposed to be some kind of deployment, as opposed to a project that is
developing software, standards, or initial research. We could then go
to the projects whose intent is deployment and try to measure them
to some metrics: value of transactions flowing, number of transactions,
number of trading partners, etc.  

It seems to me, from your spreadsheet, there are 3 such projects today:
ERCOT, and STEEL-24x7. Maybe I missed some others. These are the
that, it seems to me, would have the most resonance with an analyst like

There are also initiatives in a pilot phase. Of course, it would good to
to find out when those projects are expected to go to a production usage
level and what the initial metrics are expected to be at



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