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Subject: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] JMT Steering Cmte Minutes: 31 Oct 2002

Title: RE: [ebxml-mktg-sc] JMT Steering Cmte Minutes: 31 Oct 2002

I think David commmitted to arrange the next call, not me !!!!


-----Original Message-----
From: Carol Geyer [mailto:carol.geyer@oasis-open.org]
Sent: Thursday, November 14, 2002 2:33 PM
To: ebxml-mktg-sc@lists.ebxml.org
Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] JMT Steering Cmte Minutes: 31 Oct 2002

ebXML Joint Marketing Team (JMT) Steering Committee Minutes
31 Oct 2002


David Webber, Monica Martin, Jim Perry, Nita Sharma,
Mark Yader, Moshe Silverstein.

Dave Webber Report:

Message text written by David RR Webber - XMLGlobal
o Jon Bosaks ebXML bash - November - provide materials.

 - We're on track to provide Jon input for the 25th.

o Web services architecture alignment - early tech' work on
    this is underway - study of two architectures - WS and ebXML
    and joining the W3C AG.

- No action item for us!

o List of members of JMT and affliations to be circulated to JCC.
- David to ask Carol to forward that list to JCC.

o Calendar of Upcoming Events - conferences - speaking

- Monica suggested couple of people who we can approach
  to coordinate this for us.
- Link to conference proceedings for website on-going.
  (Copenhagen on next Thursday - example).

o Archive of webcast presentations.
 - Carol to look at setting up for us - then we can ask for
    contribution links.

o Planning around ebXML User Conference location and
   timing in May, early May - what do people think here?
   JCC would like our input on what makes sense?
   So far options are London or Geneva.   Last event
   was in Barcelona - but no press attended.  XML Europe
   is following week.
-  We're underwhelmed - but London on the basis of
    attracting attendees.

o Our Minutes to JCC on Friday so they can see what we
    have for them.

- Once Moshe has these done tomorrow - can forward.

o IBM IPR on CPA - seems like license is similar to
    open-source outcome- and allows open-source
    development.  Looks like this is direction this is going in.
    An official pronounce on this is upcoming.  Looks like
    this is classic - most of the people, most of the time,
    solution - reasonable effort - that can conform to the
    UN/CEFACT needs.
 -  No action required on our part.

o  On the topic of the CEFACT Forum announce - they've
     agreed to look at some PR style stuff on that (Monica
     forwarded us this Word doc last week).
- Monica to follow-up with Patrick to get PPT slides.

Mark Yader - had some dialogue with members, but not
much stirring.  Hopefully the ebXML User Conference can
provide some focus for his troops once we know more
details on that.

Jim - action item to followup with Todd Margo, and Jim
will provide input of PIDX for Monica's spreadsheet.

Nita Sharma - nothing to report.

Monica - moving forward with producing the materials.

Mark Yader to arrange next call in two weeks.

Carol Geyer - apologies received - had conflict with
OASIS Board meeting.

Moshe Silverstein - had to leave early - but agreed to
complete minutes and circulate.

Next meeting : Thursday - 2:30pm, 14th November,

GXS will host the call.

Meeting adjourned at 2:40pm.

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