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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] ebXML JMT Steering Committee Minutes: 14 Nov 2002

ebXML JMT Steering Committee Minutes
14 Nov 2002


David Webber, Monica Martin, Nita Sharma, Carol Geyer, Mark Yader


Committee enthusiastically approved ebXML Adoption Update created by
Monica with assistance from David, Alan, and others.

David reported that Jon Bosak will print out copies of ebXML Adoption
Update chart for the attendees of Sun's ebXML Vendor Forum on 25 Nov.

Nita suggested we consider sponsoring an ebXML User Conference. David
reported that the ebXML JCC wants to do one in May in London. We should
canvas the users in the Adoption Update to recruit speakers. Perhaps use
Webex for remote demos.

Mark recruited two volunteers for User Council Steering Committee. He
hopes to schedule a conference call with them next week. David suggested
that Mark poll users from Adoption Update and ask them to appoint reps
to the Council. Mark is working with Pim from OASIS on this.

Monica is communicating with OAG/STAR/NIST testbed and pilot team in
Europe, proposing collaboration from a resource standpoint also with

Action items:

Carol to post Adoption Update on www.ebxml.org as pdf and Word document.

Carol to promote Adoption Update to ebXML lists, OASIS newsletters, and
in OASIS press release on CPA Approval as OASIS Open Standard.

Monica to create template for ebXML case studies for IIC and others to
include 1) executive overview of what project achieved, 2) list of
participants, 3) use of ebXML specs and how successful that was, and 4)
technical description of deployed system

Monica to provide link to her Webinar presentation for Carol to link
from www.ebxml.org.

David to finish ebXML slide presentation from business perspective.

XML Global to host next JMT SC call on **Wednesday** 27 Nov at 2:30 pm

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1 978.667.5115 x209


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