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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] PR for CPPA and Adoption Update

Fairly nice coverage--and a plug for the Adoption Update.

OASIS Stamps Approval on ebXML CPPA
By Clint Boulton
Internet News

The OASIS interoperability group Monday has finally ratified the ebXML
Collaboration Protocol Profile and Agreement (CPPA) v2.0 as an OASIS
Open Standard, making the protocol law in the consortium.
ebXML CPPA defines business partners' technical rights and documents
agreements between partners to allow businesses to engage in safe
electronic business-to-business transactions. Such collaboration, which
ranges globally, is key to harness the power of the Internet in
conducting billions of dollars of e-business.

ebXML CPPA ensures interoperability between two parties despite the fact
that they may use software from disparate sources. The CPP defines a
party's message-exchange capabilities and the business collaborations
that it supports. The CPA defines the way two business parties will
interact in performing the chosen business collaborations.

Dale Moberg of Cyclone Commerce, chair of the OASIS ebXML CPPA Technical
Committee, said the standard will also facilitate the transition of
older applications based on Electronic Data Interchange (define) to
ebXML-based platforms.

High-tech analyst Joanne Friedman, vice president of META Group,
applauded the ratification, calling ebXML CPPA "technically proficient."

"ebxml CPPA will foster global collaborative ebusiness growth by
removing barriers to entry and eliminating the high cost and complexity
of trading partner on-boarding," Friedman said. "Valuable to any
organization focused on adopting standards."

Not all analysts harbor the same optimism for ebXML, however. If ebXML's
function sounds a lot like Web services, it's because it's true. That is
one of the reasons why ZapThink Senior Analyst Ron Schmelzer told
internetnews.com many industry analysts are skeptical as to how readily
ebXML will be adopted. While Sun and major players are backing it,
Schmelzer said Microsoft and IBM prefer to support Web services
standards, which are more general in nature, to the B2B-oriented ebXML

That said, Schmelzer said "a lot of us analysts think ebXML will find
its way in the Web services arena" but how that might happen is unclear.

The passage of ebXML CPPA is the fruit of more than two years of
development and much tweaking among its creators, which includes small
and large high-tech firms alike, including: Commerce One, Cyclone
Commerce, E2open, HP, IBM, Intel, IONA, Mercator, SAP, SeeBeyond,
Sterling Commerce, Sun Microsystems, Sybase, TIBCO, Vitria and

To be sure, ebXML CPPA faced a long, winding road to acceptance,
including an extensive public review, OASIS ebXML CPPA Technical
Committee approval, and multiple tests. The ebXML CPP committee was
created in June 2001, and a number of facets of ebXML have been tweaked
or completed along the way, including the ebXML Registry Services
Specification and ebXML Messaging Service Specification 2.0.

In related news, the ebXML OASIS UN/CEFACT Joint Marketing Team
published version 1.0 of the ebXML Adoption Update, a listing of ebXML
implementations, projects, products and industry initiatives from around
the world.

Carol Geyer
Director of Communications
Voice: +1 978.667.5115 x209

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