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Subject: Re: [ebxml-mktg-sc] FW: Coles 1/15/2003: eBES Information Centre onebXML - 2


You realize of course that we do have success stories with
all three of these right now - and we have those in the
Adoption document downloadable from our website.

eBES are just following our lead here - but hopefully they
will publish more details on the EU centric efforts in time,
and we can focus more on N.America...

Cheers, DW.

Message text written by Sang Shin
This is great.  A couple of things that I think that are badly needed
for ebXML at this juncture are (1) real-life customer adoption stories 
and (2) ebXML implementation best practice guidelines.  And I am 
excited to see eBES's effort on the following subjects

2. Application and use of ebXML
  2.1. Available tools and software products
  2.2. Pilot projects and implementations
  2.3. Migration from EDI to ebXML


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