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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] FWD: [announce] OASIS Member News: Moravia SupportsOASIS Web Services TC

And to re-inforce my comments on the META document - here's
an EXACT description of what web services with WSDL and tModels
is OK for - but by omission - it also shows what you CANNOT use it
for!  Reliable messaging with order confirmation, invoicing, 
delivery despatch, partner profiling - metadata alignment -
registry  - yeah - that all needs ebXML to do...


Message text written by Libor Safar
>The Web Services Standards can be described as the backbone to a workflow
interface, using standardized metadata to enable information flow. To date
there is no one single standard for information flow; companies use a
combination of email, FTP and the Web for data transfer and communication.
Now, we see a change in requirements, where users would like to store and
transfer all information and data from one central application. With the
Services Standard, a standard interface between publishers and vendors will
be defined, enabling online communication and data transfer. Publishers can
automate their selection process by checking rates and services of vendors,
before allocating a project.

The result of the TC Standards will be a series of tModels one for each
business process, clarifying the Web service interface (similar to DTD in
XML). The tModels will define which services will be offered under Web
Services and what format, names and parameters the functions of this
interface will have. The actual implementation of the interface will be the
responsibility of the user.

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