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Subject: [ebxml-mktg-sc] re: Is there a JMT conf call today?


Thanks for the report, and the solid progress.

Monica and I were on the call, and we agreed to 
collaborate on the Analyst WP for
final review next week.

Otherwise we just need to re-schedule for the next 
JMT conference call in two weeks.

Thanks, DW
Message text written by Alan Kotok
>I would have reported that we are just about completed with the proposal 
reviews for the ebXML Showcase at XML Europe.  We plan to review the grades

and make the announcements next week.  We gave approval for a demo by the 
European ebXML Interoperability Project, led by Pim van der Eijk, from 
11:00 to 12:30 on Monday 6 May.  The rest of the program will consist of an

opening keynote and 12 presentations over the two days.

We also got several volunteers for the all-expense trip to Taipei to take 
part in a conference there in September on ebXML.  Sang, Carol, and I will 
recommend the speakers by next week. <

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